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Stage technology

Stage Techology to attend performances at the main auditorium and Zavala Muniz Auditorium.

Audio Equipment

List of the equipment:

A) Control booth

Yamaha Mixer 02R96

Audio Players:

-1 Denon DND 4000
-1 Mini Disk Tascam MD350
-1 DAT Tascam DA 20 MKII

B) FOH ( Stalls )

-Mixer Allen & Heat ML 3000 40ch 8Aux

Audio Processing:

BSS FCS-960 2-channel 1/3 Octave Equalizer (1 unit)
Reverb Yamaha Pro R3 (1 unit)
Yamaha SPX 2000 multi-effect Processor (1 unit)


Digital Control 1 Audia Solo 4 x 12 (1 unit)
DBX 160A Compressor (2 units)
DBX 166XL 2 Channel Compressor (2 units)
BSS DPR-402 2 Channel Compressor (2 units)
Quad Noise Gate Dbx 1074 (4 units)

Recorders and Sound players:

Tascam CDRW901SL CD (1 unit)
Tascam MD-CD1 MKII Player (1 unit)

B) F.O.H. Left & Right

Line Array 22 Bose MA12

16mm Bose MB4

Bose M 1800 Amplifier

C) Monitors

Yamaha Mixer M3000 40 ch, 16 Aux (1 unit)
BSS DPR-402 2-channel compressor (2 units)
Quad Noise Gate Dbx 1074 (4 units)
Radian Audio Engineering RPX-112P (6 units)

BOSE M 1800 Amplifiers (4 units)
Yamaha Equalizer EQ 2031 (4 units)
D) Microphones

Sony WRT 822 cordless microphones
Sony WRT-807B handheld cordless microphones*
Shure SM 58*
Shure SM 57*
AT 822*
AT 33a*
AT 871R*
AKGC 900*
AKGD 3800*
AKG 112*
AKG C 418*
AKG D 440*
AKG D 770*
AKG C 416*
AKG C 1000*

Behringer DI-100 Direct Boxes*

Bass direct boxes*

* Microphones and direct boxes are shared with the Zavala Muniz room

* The theatre has a console booth (central boxes at the stalls level), and one at the stage level for a monitoring console.

* The console has 37 channels, 16 auxiliary ones and through transformers has a bypass towards the cabin, console booth and monitoring console

* The L and R Low are located in 2 secret boxes at both sides of the stage, having each one of them 8 boxes.

* The power is 4-Ohm, 600W per channel.

* The intercom system is Telex and it has 10 wire body packs
and 10 wireless ones.

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